Homestead Exemption

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Homestead Exemption

WV Code 11-6B-3 provides for an exemption from ad valorem property taxes on the first $20,000 of assessed valuation on a personal residence. This applies to Class II owner-occupied property.

Homestead Qualifications

  • Age 64 or older on July 1st or totally and permanently disabled.
  • WV Resident for 2 previous calendar years. (Waived for those living out of state for less than 5 years and moved back.)
  • Occupant of property for at least 6 months prior to application.
  • Sign oath stating not a recipient of similar exemption in another state.
You may apply for Homestead Exemption July 1 - December 1 each year. If you have already signed up for the exemption and have not moved, you do not need to reapply.

If you have any questions, please call the Assessor's Office at (304) 275-3192.